Convert to Islam, “Mr Bean” receives a letter of congratulations from Rached Ghannouchi

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The Univers News – According to information relayed this morning, Tuesday, October 1, 2013 on social networks, the famous British comedian Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean) has converted to Islam. This decision was taken, according to him, after extensive research on Islam and reaction to the film offending the prophet Mohamed, released in the United States in 2012 research.

In the same context and after “Sadaa Biladi” site, the leader of the Ennahda Rached Ghannouchi had sent a letter of congratulations to Mr Bean, wishing him to keep his new belief.

The same source indicates that Sheikh Rashid has maintained a friendship with “Mr Bean” during his stay in London since 1990, plans to send a delegation of his party in London to congratulate Mr Bean directly.

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