PHOTOS. Katy Perry naked or almost at the MuchMusic Video Awards Ceremony

The Univers News – Katy Perry has nothing to hide. The singer, accustomed extravagant outfits, seamlessly appeared at Much Music Video Awards held Sunday, June 17 in Canada.

The singer had already done a small effect in Xena: Warrior at the time of arrival at the ceremony organized by the Canadian channel Much Music award for the best music. Katy Perry is then mounted on stage for the first time to interpret his new title Wide Awake .So far, so good.

Featuring large colorful butterfly wings, it can be prevented that attention is focused on marrying his body forms more closely.


But just to pick up the price of international video of the year for Last Friday , the butterfly had become pupae. Clad only in a leotard transparent sequins, slightly darker at the pubis and transparent in the buttocks, Katy Perry felt discomfort and tried to conceal his parts with his trophy.




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