Rihanna completely nude on Twitter!

The Univers News – Visiblement, holidays, it gives wings to our dear Riri. Micro bikini and tanned skin, she fully accepts its part Naiad and therefore comes to change his avatar on Twitter. Long live the summer!

Since the beginning of the week, Rihanna itsy bitsy strutting in tiny bikini on a big yacht off Capri . And obviously, all this heat and sun, it gave him ideas of freedom and especially nude! Never really modest, Princess of Barbados has taken a new course by changing their profile photo on his Twitter account.

And watch your eyes, Rihanna is not shy at all about this new ultra cliche caliente. Completely naked and just covered with foil, the young singer 24 years takes lascivious poses on this new snapshot which raises the temperature of all his followers! If Chris Brown is insensitive to this kind of cliche, we no longer understand what must be the interpreter of the tube Umbrella to show him that she wants him in her life …

In short, although we know that Huey loves to shock long time, it has once again exceed the bounds of decency, do not you think?

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