Scandal: Scarlett Johansson naked in the shower for the magazine “V”

The Univers News – Scarlett Johansson knows how to create a scandal, but without falling into vulgarity. So she could pose nude in the shower for the magazine “V”, which provides blankets more original than the others.

Scarlett Johansson is more beautiful over the years. The actress of 27 years has agreed to pose nude (well, we guess not entirely) under the lens of renowned photographer Jean-Paul Goude. It has managed to highlight the eye color of Scarlett, but her skin texture. We guess the forms of the pretty blonde’s chest, but never fall vulgarity.

And this picture is symbolic. Indeed, the ex Ryan Reynolds will soon appear in a biographical drama dedicated to Alfred Hitchcock, and therefore reproduces the scene cult film Psycho in the shower, behind the curtains. In his interview to the magazine V , the actress recounts how the filming of this legendary stage: “We had to wrap the scene in a single day, and everyone was very nervous because it included a lot of water and nobody wants that actors wet. These were concerned, as a matter of decency and things like that, but I do not care. Janet Leigh cared not elsewhere. ” sexy if a girl is not bashful? What do men dream! Enjoy gentlemen, it is now or never: Scarlett is currently single, because it just broke up with Nate Taylor …

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