Sean Connery has no problem hitting women

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The Univers News –A video that comes to surface on the web reveals shocking statements of the interpreter iconic James Bond. Indeed, it guarantees that Sean Connery is possible to hit women … if they deserve it of course.

Sean Connery gentleman? Hmm, not so sure. In a video in 1987 and excavated by the website Gawker, the actor confirms the remarks in 1965 in which he said already shamelessly see no problem hitting a woman: “There are more serious than hitting a woman from time to time.”

Interviewed by Barbra Walters great American journalist who asked him if he remembers his past statements, Connery said that he remembers very well indeed his words and he has not changed his mind since. He even added: “I do not think it is right [to slap a woman] but I do not that is a bad thing. In fact, everything depends on the circumstances and if he deserves it. ”

This is when the journalist asked him what those circumstances would a woman deserves to be hit. “When you have tried everything to make them understand something and they can not do it all alone … women are endowed in this game there. They always want to have the last word, then you give them the last word, but they are never satisfied. They want to repeat and it becomes the challenge, so in this case, I think [the strike] is the right solution.”

Barbara Walters reassures us by saying that according to the English actor should never fight a woman’s fist, but with an open hand. Hopefully as the voiceover says the journalist at the beginning of the interview that Sean Connery is probably now regret his words.

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