Sochi 2014 Olympics: A wave of optimism

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The Univers News – It is still too early to celebrate an agreement. But it is up to those parties concerned, the NHL players are approaching a participation in the Olympic Games in Sochi.

Representatives of the National League, the various international federations and the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games in Sochi met in Stockholm Friday on the sidelines of the World Championship.

The president of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Rene Fasel did not mention a deadline for an agreement, but began his speech with confidence.

“We are working hard to finalize details for the participation of players the NHL Olympic Games in Sochi. There are still some issues to be resolved, but I remain optimistic. ”

Deputy Commissioner of the NHL Bill Daly also stained his speech of optimism.

“We proceed on the assumption that the National League will be in Sochi. We are still working on important issues with the International Federation and Olympic Committee, and any such agreement must be approved by the Board of Governors. ”

“The goal is that this is the fifth consecutive Olympic Games with the participation of the NHL and the league takes a break during the Olympic tournament,” said Daly.

This lull in activity in the NHL would be from 8 to 25 February, two days after the Olympic final.

Lack of insurance

Among the issues to be resolved before the conclusion of an agreement, it is the insurance of the players in Sochi. (For Sochi 2014 Olympics)

“There is obviously a risk when you send 160 to 180 players, with a total contract value is approximately $ 3 billion, said Bill Daly. It is a risk that must be provided, especially in the case of serious injury can put an end to the season or the career of a player.”

Access to the media, especially the website and television network of the National League, must also be defined before coming to an agreement.

The NHL and the NHLPA also want to send some of their therapists with teams in the tournament. Of security professionals, referees and linesmen in the NHL should also be on site.

IIHF said that teams must disclose the identity of their players five to six weeks before the start of the tournament. Different formations have two more players (20 to 22) and the competition schedule will be announced later in the month of May.

Other details about the Olympic tournament

Half of the teams will play their last game before the Olympic break on February 8, the other half the day. The team will fly by charter on 8 or 9 February flight. They arrive to the 10 and will train the next day. The tournament will begin on February 12.

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