World Cup: What can expect Lindsey Vonn against men?

The Univers News, SKI – descendeuse The U.S. wants to try his luck in Lake Louise …

Unlike riding, sports car or sailing, skiing is not a sport still mixed. This does not, however, afraid that Lindsey Vonn has recently requested an exemption to the International Federation to compete in the men’s downhill on 24 November in Lake Louise, Canada . On the continent and to its partners, the initiative is very much like a publicity stunt organized. But if the FIS gives its approval, it is not said that the Olympic champion takes the start shrinking violet. “It is in his character is his American side. She wants to rub the strongest, “says Ingrid Jacquemod any young retiree who sees well run” around 30. ”

The men’s side, however, nobody gives a chance to the tall blonde finish in the points. Johan Clarey, the best descender French Vonn is confident that “does not reflect the level gap between girls and boys in speed.” In men, the American who already ski equipment with male will discover races 2 minutes (1’40 against average for girls), another quality snow much “ice”, and a few bumps, usually planed women. Result, “hang a spot in the 30 is impossible,” says Clarey, even if she chose the trail to Lake Louise, considered the easiest of the track circuit.

“It can even beat us, I’m open”

On the merits, the idea amusing yet some, including David Fish, another French chute . “I am rather. It can even beat us, I’m open. A good kick in the ass, it can not hurt. But you must know under what conditions it will align. “She will play skills in the country to earn a place in the door? Or will she just a bib generously provided by FIS? There is also the question of the relationship to his opponents. Challenge men is a way of saying she is bored women. “But at the same time, she completely dominates” tilts Marie Marchand-Arvier who do not feel offended by the request. Perhaps because it has little chance of success. In common with men a week before the women’s events at Lake Louise, Vonn violate the rules of the FIS which prohibits driving on the track five days before the race. As if the U.S. needed a nudge to be more dominant girls.

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